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social awareness

AIDS awareness

Buddha hoga tera baap

Camlin Marker

arranged marriage


Ekta’s gladiators…;)

After all the hype over Ekta’s Kahaani Humaare Mahabharat ki,it finally aired it’s first episode on monday.Man the wardrobe was a complete ripoff frm da Gladiator and 300.The characters luked more greek than indian.I was xpecting the treatment different from the old mahabharat,but not by ripping off foreign movies.And where was karan in that scene,it seems Hiten Tejwaani is still wrking on his six packs :P.I dont watch soaps,but wanted to c dis particular epic…lets c hw it goes.Will it complete 1000 episodes 😉 or will it be pulled off.Only performances can rescue dis so called epic.