ie6 transparency problem

Recently i faced a problem where my image which was used for the shadow effect,dint display the transparent side.Going thru various fixes on net,got a solution that fixed ma problem.


I placed a blank.gif wid a height n width of the shadow image.

<div class=”shadow”> <img src=”/img/blank.gif” width=”the width of the image” height=”the width of the image” border=”0″></div>


Den in the css

width:” ” ; //width of the image

height:” ” ; //height of the image


filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader(src=’../img/img.gif)’, sizingMethod=’scale’); // @src ,giv the path to the shadow (transparent) image


before the fix

after the fix


Overlapping problem in IE 6

This is the first time i came across dis issue.The select boxes overlapped other elements in IE 6. The select boxes ignores z-index and it has the highest priority.

I googled for a fix n from all the forums n blogs i hav got two common solutions one use iframes…so that iframe gets the priority than the select boxes..da other was to use a javascript that hides the visibility of the select boxes during hover.

i am trying to implement these two …lemme c if it solves the issue..;)