Spaniards too good for da russians

Spain beat Russia 3-0 to enter into the finals of this Euro 2008 cup.The spaniards outdid the russians in the 2nd half.My two favourite teams are in the finals.My heart says spain but mind says germany.Germans are very xperienced when it comes to da finale.One thing for sure this should be a very exciting match,not goin to miss it.:)


Turkey beat Croatia n to meet germany

The only turkey player i knew was Hakan Sukur..who was one who cud take turkey to the finals.But these new players hav surprised me with their skills.They hav now proved that they r also a strong team and a contender to win this euro.They hav got players like Hamit Altintop,Tuncay and Nihat Kahveci (we saw his talent against da czechs).U can c da zeal in dem.Dey gonna meet the germans in the semis.

Three cheers for Germany…

Yesterday’s match was one of the best in dis Euro 2008.Both team displayed great skills..but germany proved that they are superior when it comes to important matches.Teams like Germany peak at the right time and teams like portugal dont perform when it matters the most.
Portugal had probably the best players on the bench too..still couldn’t stop the germans.Germans pounded the Portuguese. Germany scored 3-2 over Portugal, with Nuno Gomes and Postiga scoring for the Iberians. Ballack,Schweinsteiger and Klose scored for the Germans.Schweinsteiger,it was his day as he was involved in all the three goals.
Well this quaterfinals hav already started wid a bang…looking forward to see other matches.

Spain all the way

Well i will be supporting Spain in this Euro 2008.Coz am a very BIG Liverpool fan.And Spain has ma favourite player,FERNANDO TORRES in it.I feel Torres and Villa can win the tournament for Spain.Ma Second favourite team is Germany.With Podolski,Ballack,Frings and Lahm ,they can be dangerous too. Bit disappointed that ma another favourite team England is not there.

Going by the results so far Dutch has surprised everyone wid their aggressive intent.Croatia and turkey has also shown good organisation skills.So it’s gonna be a very good tournament.