Indian team with new jersey

Indian  Jersey
Indian Jersey

The Indian cricket board’s official kit sponsor Nike unveiled the new jersey in Mumbai .

Man..the new jersey sucks.I dont know why did they change the old one. That was better than this new blue jersey.

And they say, this new kit was developed after extensive research by designers and has been put through rigorous tests at the Nike Sports Research Laboratory.

Maybe we wud love this color after 5-6 yrs, like the london 2012 logo. 🙂


London 2012 logo
London 2012 logo

3 thoughts on “Indian team with new jersey

  1. Ya this new jersey sux.
    Read an article in some newpaper today. It said that the jersey really needs some designer inputs.

  2. Oh cmon guys! The light blue hue wasn’t that great or anything. At least the darker shade makes it more defined and you can actually read the names and numbers on the back! And to be perfectly honest this looks like one of the better designed jerseys in cricket today. waaaay better than Australia’s foray into bottle green after their home skillet transition from canary yellow. I just hope that they have the home and away jersey concept so that the light blue make an occasional appearance!

  3. @eric thnx for stopping by.

    I agree wid the light blue wasn’t that great,but this time it’s even worse.

    As for the home n away kit…yep wid u.

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