if u r a newbie, start with dojo

Good for me i started using dojo than jquery.Jquery n other toolkits spoonfeeds u.As a designer that helps u in saving time but i feel u learn less,since the toolkits does everything.Dojo doesn’t hav a good documentation on the net compared to others, which made me look into dojo deeply.It’s like learning something new.As a newbie that taught me more.I do use both dojo n jquery depending on the projects.But glad that i started off with dojo.


2 thoughts on “if u r a newbie, start with dojo

  1. I am not in complete agreement with this post 🙂

    If you really like going in-depth then you would do so whether its jQuery or dojo.

    Different people have different taste’s and hence they choose different Frameworks.

    Plus it also depends on who light-weight you want your page to be.

    I agree that in your scenario having no documentation on dojo helped you a lot but jQuery helped me a lot to get my project up and running fast… really fast.

    This is a debatable topic and let other people decide what’s their choice of framework.

    Maybe you could create a poll for it?

  2. kunal..thnx 4 replying.Wat i meant was if i wud hav started wid jquery,i dont think i wud encounter any difficulty in using jquery.It’s so selfexplanatory.So wud neva try to go deep 🙂
    As for saving time..i agree jquery is better n also lightweight

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