Indian team with new jersey

Indian  Jersey
Indian Jersey

The Indian cricket board’s official kit sponsor Nike unveiled the new jersey in Mumbai .

Man..the new jersey sucks.I dont know why did they change the old one. That was better than this new blue jersey.

And they say, this new kit was developed after extensive research by designers and has been put through rigorous tests at the Nike Sports Research Laboratory.

Maybe we wud love this color after 5-6 yrs, like the london 2012 logo. 🙂


London 2012 logo
London 2012 logo

if u r a newbie, start with dojo

Good for me i started using dojo than jquery.Jquery n other toolkits spoonfeeds u.As a designer that helps u in saving time but i feel u learn less,since the toolkits does everything.Dojo doesn’t hav a good documentation on the net compared to others, which made me look into dojo deeply.It’s like learning something new.As a newbie that taught me more.I do use both dojo n jquery depending on the projects.But glad that i started off with dojo.

Liquor baron not interested in sponsoring Man United


Vijay Mallya
Vijay Mallya





According to the reports, liqour baron Vijay Mallya was not interested in having his brand logos, such as Whyte & Mackay and Kingfisher Airlines, being emblazoned across the United shirt.

United’s deal with current shirt sponsor AIG is due to expire in the summer of 2010.

Donno how these business men think.I may hav said yes to Man  United.Maybe that’s why am not a business tycoon.  😀