Hav To fix ma code for firefox 3 :(

WE completed a project two months back, here at Raweng.Every features wrked as intended.Now a registration form is not wrking in firefox 3.Now i need to get a fix for it.Hav not seen the xact problem.But it’s wrking in all the browsers but not in Firefox 3.Works in Firefox 2 though.I dont know wat is da reason behind dis.Need to chk out.It wud be very disappointing if each code needs a fix for firefox 3.

Overlapping problem in IE 6

This is the first time i came across dis issue.The select boxes overlapped other elements in IE 6. The select boxes ignores z-index and it has the highest priority.

I googled for a fix n from all the forums n blogs i hav got two common solutions one use iframes…so that iframe gets the priority than the select boxes..da other was to use a javascript that hides the visibility of the select boxes during hover.

i am trying to implement these two …lemme c if it solves the issue..;)

Turkey beat Croatia n to meet germany

The only turkey player i knew was Hakan Sukur..who was one who cud take turkey to the finals.But these new players hav surprised me with their skills.They hav now proved that they r also a strong team and a contender to win this euro.They hav got players like Hamit Altintop,Tuncay and Nihat Kahveci (we saw his talent against da czechs).U can c da zeal in dem.Dey gonna meet the germans in the semis.